Narrow Bins For Alleys

AAA Disposal bins has 5 yard narrow dumpster bins  to 16 yard narrow dumpster bin rentals.

This chart will help you decide which dumpster will be the ideal AAA Disposal Bin for your waste disposal and garbage removal project.

Fast, efficient and friendly service make AAA Disposal Bins your #1 choice for waste disposal bin and dumpster needs in the Metro Vancouver, B.C and The Lower Mainland.

5 Yard Mini bin rental - Narrow bins for alleys and tight locations

Size: 10' x 6' x 2'
Driveway Friendly: Yes
Projects: great for removing dirt, soil, rock, concrete, ashphalt and bricks.

FREE delivery and appropriate recycling included with bin rental.

12 Yard Dumpster bin rentals - Narrow rental bin for construction waste jobs with little space.

Size: 10' x 6' x 5'

Driveway Friendly: Yes
Projects: Roofing, renovation, construction material – removing construction materials. 

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16 Yard Dumpster bin rental - Narrow bin for waste disposal, great for downtown alley and skinny driveways.

Size: 10' x 6' x 6'
Driveway Friendly: Yes
Projects: Ideal for larger landscaping or construction site projects where running out of space is not an option

FREE delivery and appropriate recycling included with rental.


Find out about same day delivery. 

FREE Delivery with the Rental of Any  Disposal Bin rental or Dumpster

 FREE delivery with the rental of any Waste Disposal Bins or Dumpsters in the greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas